The New Deal at LHC

Louisiana Housing Corporation Board Elects New Chairman and Appoints New Interim Executive Director

Baton Rouge, LA – The board of directors of the Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) held a special meeting April 27 to elect Lloyd “Buddy” Spillers as its new chairman of the board and appoint E. Keith Cunningham, Jr. as Interim Executive Director and General Counsel.

“The Legislature and the Administration, in their wisdom, saw that there was a change needed in the direction of the corporation and appointed a new board,” said Spillers. “I’m honored to be selected as the first chair and am pleased with the representation of these board members. I’ve had professional dealings with the LHC for the past 20 years, and there is a trust deficit overlooking the organization. The key to repairing and increasing the public’s trust in the corporation is to provide complete transparency.

The LHC board is now truly representative of the public we serve, and it’s an honor to be working alongside my fellow board members. I want to assure Louisiana residents that they are our customers, and in my position as a board member, we will see to it that the LHC is run like a business. Customer satisfaction is going to be a top priority, and I’m confident that we will be able to make it happen.”

“We are ready to work with the new board and refocus our efforts to the mission of this corporation – providing affordable housing to those who need it the most in our state,” said Cunningham. “I’m honored with the trust the board has placed in me and will work to ensure that the LHC makes decisions that are mission-driven. We will strive to improve customer service as we do everything we can to provide safe and sanitary housing to the most vulnerable citizens of our state. We take our mission very seriously, and we will work tirelessly with Chairman Spillers and the rest of the board to expand affordable housing opportunities across Louisiana.”

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