The Louisiana Housing Trust Fund Initiative (LHTFI) is a group of Louisianans who believe all Louisianans deserve an affordable, safe and decent place to call home.   We support a dedicated revenue source for the Louisiana Housing Trust Fund.

The Louisiana Housing Trust Fund is a program, approved by the Louisiana Legislature in 2003, that assists in making “HOME” happen for hundreds of Louisiana families. The Housing Trust Fund received a one-time allocation of $25 Million to support the initiative.

WHAT WE DO . . .

We are a coalition formed to ensure there is a dedicated revenue source for affordable housing for Louisiana’s most vulnerable residents including veterans, special needs, and families with children.

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The Louisiana Housing Trust Fund is a State funded program with a proven track record of meeting Louisiana’s housing needs. Since 2007, the Louisiana Housing Trust Fund has helped fund 322 HOMES across Louisiana.

Homes Serving The Homeless

Homes for Extremely Low-Income Families

Homes Accessible to Persons with Disabilities

Homes for Low to Moderate-Income Families

17 Homes
79 Homes
105 Homes
122 Homes


The Louisiana Housing Trust Fund is a proven mechanism for strengthening communities in Louisiana. From job creation and economic impact, to stability for homeless veterans, special needs populations and working families, a sustained investment in the Louisiana Housing Trust Fund will move Louisiana forward.

Of the $25 Million allocation, $22 million was awarded through the Louisiana Housing Trust Fund and leveraged $61 million in additional investment: Every dollar invested by the Louisiana Housing Trust Fund resulted in 3.7 times as many dollars at work on the ground, bringing “home” into the reach of Louisiana families.

The economic impact to the residents of Louisiana is realized through our performance:


Income Generated


Taxes Generated


Jobs Created

*Using Total One-Year Impact multipliers calculated from the National Association of Home Builders’ The Local Impact of Home Building in a Typical Metro Area: Income, Jobs, and Taxes Generated,” June 2009, and adjusted to reflect Louisiana median income levels.


All Louisianans should be able to afford a home and still have money left over for groceries and childcare. However, in 2011, over 327,749 Louisiana households spent fifty percent (50%) or more of their monthly income on housing alone. Louisiana residents are facing increasing rates of foreclosure, higher home insurance rates, and unsafe housing conditions. This squeeze on homeownership and rental housing impacts all Louisianans but especially the most vulnerable in our communities including veterans, persons with special needs, seniors and families with children.

What Are Housing Trust Funds?

Housing trust funds are distinct funds established by city, county or state governments that receive ongoing dedicated sources of public funding to support the preservation and production of affordable housing and increase opportunities for families and individuals to access decent affordable homes.  Housing trust funds systemically shift affordable housing funding from annual budget allocations to the commitment of dedicated public revenue.   While housing trust funds can also be a repository for private donations, they are not public/private partnerships, nor are they endowed funds operating from interest and other earnings. Click the link below to learn more.

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